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I already blew it

So last week I decided that I would post every Monday, and here it is Tuesday. I do have a good excuse though. Yesterday morning Cecilia decided to give birth on a morning with a cool breeze blowing. Cool breezes are deadly to baby alpacas who are born wet and just wait to dry naturally. An alpacas normal temperature is around 101. This little baby's temp was only 92 when I found her, so I spent all day yesterday and today trying to get her healthy. She seems to be doing better after a scare this morning, but I am still concerned about her eyes. They are a cloudy blue color and she does not seem to be able to see. We are starting her on some eye meds and are hoping they will do the trick. Otherwise, we may have to start learning how to raise a blind alpaca. She is such a beautiful little girl. I will be really happy when she learns to nurse, bottles every 2 to 3 hours is exhusting.

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