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Waiting is hard...

So here I am waiting for the vet again. I love my animals and hate it when they are sick. Cecilia's little girl is a week old and it has been a week of struggles. Her eyesight seems to be improving, she isn't walking into things as much, but her eyes are still cloudy. She is drinking her bottle better, but she isn't nursing. Now she has developed weird wrinkles all over her neck and body and sounds congested. My vet thinks the congestion may be from aspirating milk, but my description of the wrinkles has her stumped. So, she is coming out tonight to see what is going on. I can't imagine the life of a large animal vet. They never have a day off unless they just turn off their phones. My vet answers my texts on weekends and she is coming after 8:00 pm to check this out. I am so thankful for her and all the large animal vets who go the extra mile. Now I will go back to waiting.

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