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Small Business Challenge

Ready or not, the holidays are fast approaching. We will all soon be searching for the perfect gifts for friends, family and other loved ones. I know it is easy to go to national chain stores or the mall to find everything in one trip, but why give mass produced, made in China gifts when you can support small businesses.

Let's think outside the box this holiday season. Buy your Thanksgiving turkey from a local farmer. Buy handmade gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah. Give tickets to local museums, zoos and concerts. There are so many different things you can choose if you really put your mind to it.

We all complain about the big box stores making their CEOs wealthy while giving little to their employees. It is time to support small businesses before they all disappear.

So here is my challenge to everyone:

Let's all try to buy at least 25% of our holiday purchases from small businesses this year.

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