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This week is soup week here at the farm. Since we moved to Colorado we have become big fans of soup. Nothing is better on a cold winter day. Okay, so it's not winter yet, but now is the time to make the soup.

We have a family tradition of making soup in September and freezing it for the months to come. Today five of us made the annual trip to Miller Farms in Platteville to pick vegetables. It is really fun. For a set price they drive you around the farm on a hayride to all the various fields and let you pick what you want. Then we bring them back to the farm, clean them and start cooking. It is 8:30 pm and we have finished 3 kinds and still have many more to make. It is always fun to watch the giant counter full of vegetables shrink and the freezer get full. Analiese and Aaron take their share home to their freezers and we all enjoy our soup on the cold days of winter.

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