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Giving Back

It's the time of the year when we all are busy shopping for gifts for those we love. It is also a big time of the year for giving to those who are less fortunate. At Symphony Fibers we believe strongly in giving back to our community. Since we are a fiber company, it makes sense to use fiber to help those in need.

Every Thursday I join a group of like-minded fiber artists at the library to make warm comfort items to be donated to people who need them. Our group is called Hats for the Homeless, but we make so much more than that. We also make blankets, scarves, baby items, you name it. If it can be knit or crocheted, we probably have someone who makes it. All of our contributions are taken to Catholic Charities, who distribute them to shelters and hospitals.

So I just wanted to remind everyone to remember those who are less fortunate during this holiday season.

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