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Carding and Carding and Carding....

It is never-ending. I decided to get all of my samples done for the year for the Phat Fiber box that I contribute too. I got September and October done pretty quickly, then I started on November. The problem is that I really liked the way it came out of the dye pot, so I kept making more. Some for the sample box, Some for my shop, and some for me to use for spinning and felting. I ended up with 42 ounces. That may not seem like a lot, but when you consider how light weight fleece is, you realize it is a lot. This picture is the pile waiting to go through the drum carder one last time. The other problem was that the fleece I used came from an alpaca who really loved to roll in the grass and hay. I am spending hours picking out every bit that I can find. Hopefully I will finish this soon. Then I can get to the fun part; making something wonderful.

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